KALAVONII is the first Artist to partner with No Longer Nomads Entertainment.


Hailing out of Atlanta, Kalavonii Kapeaya professionally known as Kalavonii, the American rapper, singer, songwriter described life as “complicated lifestyle” after being kicked out at the age of fifteen. Couch surfing while trying to finish high school and focusing on the arts. By seventeen Kalavonii found her self traveling west, living a nomad lifestyle in Arizona, Texas, and California all by the age of eighteen. With $400 and a backpack she trail blazed it back east to the black mecca, Atlanta. Pulling herself up by her boot straps, Kalavonii made life long connections and found a level of comfort in the city which allowed her to focus on harvested creative energy. Going viral for free styling over jazz beats since 2017 she soon was consider more than just an internet personality. Currently finishing up her debut EP “Chameleon”, slated to hit all streaming platforms by February 2022, featuring singles like “NASTY” and “DM” Kalavonii is looking to make a impact in female hip-hop. Within a single body of work, you’ll hear Funky pop, amorous R&B, and hard-hitting raps. No secret that Kalavonii is one of Atlanta’s brightest stars and one of music most promising acts. She is the first Artist to partner with No Longer Nomads Entertainment.

“I’m beyond grateful to No Longer Nomads for believing in the vision that I have for myself as an artist. They have created this space for artist like me that don’t necessarily come from much, to explore and branch out creatively,” says Kalavonii. NLN has been in the same place as independent artist once before. With that being said it is comforting to be backed by successful individuals that can relate when it comes to embarking on what can be a difficult journey even though you have the drive and will to succeed in your craft. I’m appreciative for their commitment and perseverance through this journey in advance.”

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